A caucus is a meeting of the members of a political party to discuss issues, take policy positions, and elect party leadership, including delegates to the state and national conventions. To learn more about your caucus, contact your committee person for your chosen party.
The National Voter Registration Act (January 1, 1995) provides the opportunity to register to vote or update the voter’s current registration while applying for or renewing their driver’s license.
Your registration is active as long as you reside at the address on file with the Jackson County Election Board. If you move, you can transfer your registration to your new address as long as that address is in this jurisdiction. If you move to another jurisdiction (Kansas City, another Missouri county, or a county in another state), you will need to register in that jurisdiction to vote there.

If you move out of this jurisdiction and then move back, you will need to register again to vote in this jurisdiction.

Use the Voter Information Lookup it several places provided on our website. This lookup checks and displays your registration information, displays your voting districts, and for upcoming elections in your area, displays your poll location, and what is on the ballot.

You can also contact our office by email from our website’s ‘Contact Us‘ page, visit our office at 215 N. Liberty, Independence 64050, or call to [816] 325-4600 to confirm your registration information.

No, Missouri does not require a party selection when you register to vote.

You can register to vote in our office at 215 N. Liberty, Independence 64050, or for your convenience, you can register at the DMV when you obtain, renew, or change your driver’s license, or at most City Halls, or Mid-Continent Libraries in Eastern Jackson County.

Click this link, Authorized Registration Sites, to see a complete list with addresses, phone numbers and hours of operation.

If you have moved within the boundaries of the Jackson County Election Board, simply tell the election judge that you have moved and they will assist you in processing an address change. You may be directed to a different poll, if your new address is in a different precinct.

Be sure to tell an election judge if you no longer reside at the address we show for your registration – to vote with an address that is not your current residence is against the law.

No. Even though the Kansas City Election Board is in Jackson County, it is a separate voting jurisdiction. When you move from one jurisdiction to another, a new voter registration is required.

Click ­­here to see the registration deadline dates for the current election year.

Can I request you to remove their name from your files so the mail to my house will stop? If not, how can this mail be stopped?

Election law requires that we have the voter’s signature with an address change in the jurisdiction or a notification of moving out of the jurisdiction. Also, election law prevents most election-related mail from being forwarded, so mail-forwarding instructions with the post office are disregarded. If possible, ask this person to make this change request to us in writing.

In all instances, mark all mail from JCEB “not at this address” and return it (unopened) to the post office. Once mail is returned to us, we can make the registration “inactive” and the mail to this voter will be discontinued.

If a registration remains with this inactive status through two federal general elections, the registration will be deleted.

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